2015/16: A new era

With the summer vac nearing an end, the 2015/16 season is approaching almost as fast as Sam Bealing on the M40. Unfortunately, this season will see OUGC without last year's captain David Ryan, who has joined a small East-Anglian side for an undisclosed fee. The new skipper Gustaf Behmer, however, has big plans for the upcoming season.

Dismayed at the physical condition of the team, and having seen Kabir's kümmel bill for the summer, he has decided that big change is in order. Behmer argues that the benefits of golf specific strength and conditioning are well known and have been exemplified by some of the top players in the game. Forever cutting edge, OUGC have introduced strict personalised fitness regimes. All pick-ups will also be moved forwards by half an hour to allow Bhavani to lead us in his morning yoga routine before each fixture. Thursday nights will also never be the same again, with intense conditioning sessions at Iffley Road gym replacing a trip to Bridge. To improve stamina for the 72 hole weekends Ed Daniel, OUGC’s own maths wiz, has requested that players maintain high lunching standards throughout the week. Daniel’s logic is that multiple helpings and a kümmel or two after lunch will accustom the boys to weekend playing conditions. However, with the Oxford boys being the self-proclaimed strongest lunchers on the circuit, diet restrictions were deemed counterproductive - good news for Tommy Scott’s salmon and beef endeavours. Mid-week runs were also suggested, but the proposal was swiftly vetoed by club secretary, Paul Wilmore.

Upon hearing about these changes, David was shocked. Having recently returned from a tour with his new side, he said we should instead be trying to level the playing field. He will report back later in the season. However, if no improvement is seen from the tabs, the Oxford boys may have to kit themselves out with some hickories to make a game out of taking the 7th win in a row.

On a more serious note, the season ahead promises to be an excellent one for OUGC and anyone wishing to get involved should visit us at the fresher's fair or email Gustaf (anders.behmer@ccc.ox.ac.uk). We are also in need of volunteers to help out at the fresher's fair so do get in touch if you are around.

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