Minchinhampton & The Leatherjackets at Burnham & Berrow

No Point Scored

Dark and dreary, cold and grey another Oxford morn,

Denham of the midlands? A win waiting to be born,

Playlist set, song in heart, charged the men of OUGC,

Seeing the full English breaky spread Harry wept “no meat for me”

Starting strong were the pair of Lucas Moore and Sully, 3 up with 5 to play... They couldn’t lose this, surely? The point and players both on edge as it came down to down the last,The hole? Lost 5 to 6... best leave that one in the past.

Not all was lost for the boys as their theme song would attest,

The All Star duo of Monty and Carl were putting out their best,

Putting strong and driving true, up 6 and 5 they showed the way,

Unfortunately for the oxford boys, 4 to 1 we lost the day,

As we all know the only way past a loss is a little Curry,

Stomachs grumbling, the boys absorbed the banquet in a hurry,

Couple of tikkas please! With Extra naan! And what?... an extra hot Madras?

“Not a smart decision sir”, sponge was sweating heavy fast.

Night time now and spirits up as we landed at the course,

Burnham and Berrow looking great... should we have a hit? Of course!

The Leatherjackets too had spirits high as they drank and dined all night,

Meanwhile on the 18th floodlights shone... was everyone alright?

Tales of a great escape hard to separate the fact from the fiction,

Not to worry as breakfast came Lucas was happy to shout his depiction,

As game time came it was clear the boys were ready for the fight, A quick jog to the 17th to collect his shoe and Monty would be right.

Warmed up now and into action the course looking like a dream, A tight fought round from OUGC with some standouts in the team,

The Fitzpatrick boys with rumours spread of some power to their game,

“Yep Harry the play here is driver, just left of that post is where to aim”

Lost balls aside some great performances were viewed,

Rietschel with a cooled down Sponge up 6/5 more performances ensued,

Wells, Cooper, Moore and Harry all earning themselves a score,

Brucey would have too but a mid day nap was too hard to ignore

The day was lost in the end the boys were down by 3 6.5 to 3.5 at Burnham and Berrow GC by the sea Time for the dreaded putt off under darkness cold to the core,

Four putts drained... one pushed right... truly, no point scored.

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