St George's Hill

Date: Saturday, December 1, 2018

OUGC 2*: St. Georges Hill 4

OUGC took on St. Georges Hill in their final fixture of the Michaelmas term. The team arrived well prepared, having trained strongly all week at ‘Vinnies’ as they negotiated Oxmas celebrations.

After enjoying the chef’s innovative breakfast menu constituting bacon rolls and black coffee, the team kitted up for battle in their fresh OUGC apparel. Although still awaiting final confirmation from the Guinness Book of Records, it is considered highly likely that the record (dating back to 1376) for the greatest number of logoed roll necks ever to be worn in one room has been well and truly shattered.

Unfortunately, some bad weather delayed the start of play as St Georges were forced to close the course. During the wait, Harry Fitzpatrick and Ed Jenks put on an impressive display of carpet putting, capturing what was a valuable first point against a gritty St Georges line-up. As the clouds split, the captains agreed to move from the carpet to the grass and a shortened format of 18 hole four-ball golf was declared. This news was much to the delight of Mr. Cooper who had become disgruntled in the preceding few weeks; bemoaning that he was sick and tired of team mates benefitting from the best short game inside the ring road.

In a series of close matches, Carl Rietschel and Luke Harland earned a much-needed point for the blues early whilst the Legh/ Howlett and H Fitzpatrick/ Barker combinations were unfortunately pipped on the 18th to lose one down. According to B Fitzpatrick, Mr. Cooper putted just like seasoned professional Adam Scott down the stretch at the 2012 British Open and they subsequently also lost one down. In the final match of the day, the Jenks/ Rowlinson combination were out-muscled by stiff competition despite the ever optimist Rowlinson calling the game “pretty tight” when they turned 4 down after 9.

After a delicious lunch, a large contingent of eight ‘pointless’ players trod out to the putting green to determine who would write the match report whilst a chuffed Rietschel and Harland made themselves at home in the club house. In a season first, the team went 8/8 in the first round of putts before the extra foot undid the rhythm of Legh, Barker and a (now even more) disgruntled Mr. Cooper. According to Mr. Cooper “the cream always rises to the top” as he avoided near disaster by slamming his next putt in the middle of the cup. Meanwhile Legh slid one past the hole and just like that a fantastic term of golf for OUGC was over.

Thank-you to the generous members of St Georges Hill for hosting OUGC in a number of competitive matches. The hospitality was very much appreciated and we look forward to seeing you again next season.

NB: *May include 1 point for indoor putting

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